Francis Holland School, Sloane Square


In today’s fast-changing world, talented young women from all backgrounds are making a positive difference.  At Francis Holland School, Sloane Square, we are proud to be at the forefront of this change, providing transformational bursaries through our Foundation Scholarship programme to those with the promise to succeed. 

Our ambition is to provide a curriculum and environment which will enable our girls to be the inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, game-changers, and leaders of tomorrow.  We offer an outstanding experience of learning and culture by putting curiosity, critical thinking and problem-solving at the heart of our approach to learning as well as encouraging entrepreneurship through our double award-winning Creative Enterprise programme.

Francis Holland Senior School is academically selective attracting girls from our own Junior School as well as a broad range of preparatory and primary schools throughout London. The School’s last full Educational Quality Independent Schools Inspectorate Report noted the ‘remarkable relationships between staff and pupils and the sense of kindness, courtesy and community which pervades the School’.

In addition to our outstanding academic results, we have around sixty co-curricular clubs, activities and societies to choose from and your daughter will be encouraged to discover her individual talent, from performing on a West End stage, to delivering talks at our TEDx Francis Holland School events.

FHS has an enviable reputation for music, drama, art, ballet and sport and enjoys well-equipped facilities for each. Our central London location enables us to take full advantage of an excellent range of local museums, galleries and theatres and enjoy a programme of eminent visiting speakers who will enrich your daughter’s educational experience and prepare her for life beyond Francis Holland.

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