Who we are

Who We Are

Fee Assistance at London Independent Schools

The London Fee Assistance Consortium (LFAC) is comprised of both single-sex and co-educational independent schools and currently consists of 27 members across London who all offer free and subsidised places to able children whose families may not be able to afford the fees.

LFAC has existed for well over a decade and has an ongoing ambition to inform as many families as possible of the financial support they could receive for their child, and to encourage increased numbers of applications to member schools.

Michael Bond, Head of Brentwood School, and also the Chair of the London Fee Assistance Consortium, says, “As someone who had never set foot in an independent school until I started teaching in one almost thirty years ago, I’ve always been acutely aware of the widespread belief that a private education is only for children of wealthy families, when the reality is very different. Thousands of young people benefit from financial support – in many cases fully-funded places – that allows them to flourish in our schools, where they have the opportunity to become the very best version of themselves. I would encourage you to browse the LFAC website, contact our member schools and book a tour or a place at one of their Open Days. You will receive a warm welcome and any help you may need with the application process.’

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