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Established in 1991, Newton Prep is a thriving school for children aged 3-13. The School is unashamedly ambitious for its pupils who have access to outstanding facilities. We want them to achieve their academic potential whilst also engaging in sport, art, music and drama. We want them to involve themselves in the total life of the School, which includes after school clubs and activities and a wide range of trips. We celebrate the diversity of our pupils; we want our children to develop a strong sense of community, learning how to make a positive contribution to the community of Newton Prep and the world around them. The ethos and philosophy is one that is based on mutual respect and kindness shown to others. Fundamentally, we want Newton Prep children to enjoy their precious childhood years.

Newton Prep is an inclusive community that encourages applications from pupils from a very diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. The Newton Bursary Fund is a registered charity administered by a board of trustees who use its funds to help children who are likely to benefit academically from the education offered by Newton Prep. We are proud of the Newton Bursary Fund as this enables a number of  families to send their children to the School despite not being able to afford fees. Bursaries are awarded after a child has been assessed. The level of financial assistance is dictated by a means test. Bursaries are available for children entering the School  from Year 3.

NBF support can extend up to 100% of our day tuition fee, depending on our means-tested criteria. Smaller top-up bursaries are also available for families who are able to make more of a contribution towards school fees. Pupils who are entitled to 100% support may also be entitled to receive support with costs of uniform, text books, travel, music and other extra lessons, and educational visits. A number of our pupils receive some form of financial support. Candidates will be expected to sit either internal entrance exams or block tests and to produce results in those exams or tests that demonstrate the candidate’s ability to contribute to and thrive in Newton’s educational environment, and to benefit from the education that the school provides.

The Trustees are very proud of the achievements of the children the Fund has been able to help.

Having a scholarship also reminded me how lucky I was to be at a place like Newton Prep, making me determined to make the most of the opportunities the school provided.

My teachers also helped to drive me towards the King’s College School scholarship exams. But even beyond that goal, Newton gave me the sense that my ambition and education could be limitless. If my teachers thought that I could go further than the syllabus, they had no hesitation in taking me there. And as much as I loved KCS and am enjoying Oxford, I haven’t found teachers as single-mindedly inspirational as I did at Newton Prep.” Alex

Our next Open Morning will be in October 2022. At our open morning, you will have the chance to tour our school with our older pupils, experience our amazing facilities and meet staff and other pupils. If you are not able to visit us at the Open Morning, you can book a small group tour around the school, personally escorted by the Headmistress, on most Fridays during term time.

Please contact the Registrar (020 7720 4091 ext. 1207; [email protected]) to book and to express your interest in financial support.

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